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Prayers in Spanish

There are many very famous prayers in Spanish that have evolved over the years and that
have really become very popular and well known phrases amongst an ethnically diverse
and ever growing community. There is some vast history to most of these phrases too.
One that stems hundreds upon hundreds of years of tradition and religion culminating
into something truly memorable. Chances are you have heard some of these prayers on
occasions before as well. Think back to any movies that you have ever watched - many
times westerns - where there is a Spanish speaking mother praying in a chapel in a small
town before the raiders come along (like movies like 'Desperado' to name one for
example). Such prayers have really come a long way, hundreds upon hundreds of years or
so, and they have a rich and robust history-prayers that are still cherished and coveted
today, and ones that are still being used in many Spanish speaking churches around the

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What Are Some Popular Prayers in Spanish?
There are some very popular prayers that fall into this category of Spanish prayers,
amongst which many actually stem from the Catholic church-who in all reality was the
one that created most of them. Quite often they are verses from the Christian bible. Most
commonly they are either well known prayers, like 'Ave Maria,' which is the 'Hail Mary'
prayer, or other popular verses such as the 'El Credo,' or the 'Apostles' Creed,' and the
always famous 'Gloria,' or 'Glory Be;' which is also a very popular song as well. Few
other prayers in Spanish that you may have heard of before include some even better
known ones such as 'La Senal De La Cruz,' or the 'Sign of the Cross' as well as 'Padre
Nuestro, or Our Father ' (Lord's Prayer). As you can plainly see, these are only but a few
of the great many different and popular, often used and spoke Spanish prayers that have
been created over the years. But there are, quite literally, hundreds of different kinds of
them-these just happen to some of the most often uttered and used prayers in both
churches and households alike.

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Where do they Emanate From?
Many of the popular Spanish prayers of today actually stem hundreds of years back
during the heydays and rampant power that the Papacy held over Europe during medieval
times. Often some of these prayers were culminated during times of great oppression and
grief, like during the Black Plague, which nearly wiped out a third of Europe, or during
the very many Spanish Crusades. Indeed, the history of such prayers is vast, glorious and
intriguing. You can always learn more about their history by conducting some simple
online searches that will net you tons of useful information about them and their
applications, history and present day usages.
   Read the Bible to find prayer samples. The old church has a ainting of praying Jesus.